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A Jewellery London Adventure

Dear friends and collegues,

allow me to introduce you my work from a different perspective. My Name is Tano and I am a London based Jeweller since 2009. Before moving to London I worked in Italy for over 20 years, learning from great Masters Goldsmiths. I meet talented people from all over the world, especially from the Mediterranean area. This gave me the opportunity to share invaluable techniques and know-how, so that I grew as a man and as a professional. I feel lucky for having worked on thrilling projects alongside great people, travelling and enriching my life with amazing experiences. For that I will forever be grateful.


When I first stepped into Bentley&Skinner I was so excited (and also a bit intimidated) to work for such a luxury brand. I was thrilled, and I faced each challenge with passion and enthusiasm. I restored antique signed jewellery, I set priceless stones in new creations, and I produced bespoke handmade pieces much loved by customers.

Furthermore, during the last three years at Antique Jewel&Gem I improved my skills by restoring antique and unique pieces of jewellery, handling exclusive objets of art and, last but not least, designing on my own using my favourite technique: the filigree. Nonetheless, as you know, I am particularly keen on new trends and fashion in jewellery, designing and producing bespoke pieces, by experimenting with shapes and materials.

I absolutely love my job, and I mostly enjoy to be inspired by stories, making jewels in such a way that people can recognize themselves. My mission is indeed to enrich people’s life with a unique jewel experience. 

Thank you all for having made my adventure so unique so far.

And now the good news!  I will soon get to work on my own, putting all my experience and enthusiasm into my own project, and, of course, I need all your love and support for this new adventure! This is the first of a series of emails, that will monthly deal with specific topics and which will keep you updated on my research and my ongoing work. I truly hope you will enjoy them.


So please stay tuned, Tano’s own workshop is coming soon.


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