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A nice push to my business!

Dear friends

this month I want to introduce you a desired new entry in my 22 Hatton Garden Studio:

The Laser welding Machine!


I could not describe how excited I was when I saw it entering my door and how satisfied I have been, since I started using it!

I had been thinking about buying a laser for a certain period of time and then, when I decided that I really wanted it, I started researching quite a lot, looking for the best product at the best price.

Closeup length
Laser Nozzle

Of course Chinese laser machines were tempting, because of their very competitive price together with a strong power, plus I had been working with one of those for a couple of years, when I was an employed, and after all, you could do a nice job with that. So I started chatting with the customer service of most of the Chinese laser factories, determined to make the best deal that I could. In short, after getting lots of information, I was about to buy a very powerful, not too heavy machine, for the more than reasonable price of about 5.000£.

Comparing Claws

Yet, just to be sure about my investment, I decided to have first another look also to the Italian laser machines, even to try to understand why they cost at the last the double compared to the one I was about to buy.Well, after gaining all those information in the past days, through the Chinese customer service and through internet, about the main features I had to consider, I had enough knowledge to understand that the only reason why an Italian laser welding machine cost twice a Chinese one, is that the Italian one performs at least twice better! Eureka! I found out that the best deal for me was having just the best laser machine, no matter the price! So, after taking some arrangements for the delivery from Italy to London, I finally bought a Laser Welder Evo series by OROTIG.

It is the last technology and probably the best you can find on the market: small enough, the lighter ever, silent and powerful, it allows me to do perfect soldering thanks to a choice of spot that can be reduced till 0,15 mm and a laser beam that works the metal strongly and gently at the same time, avoiding to alter the metal features.

Inspecting jewellery

My OROTIG machine have given a nice push to my work, allowing me to do high quality soldering of any kind in a little time.

If you are curious to have a look at this fantastic machine working and you a re in London, you are welcome to come to see me at my studio or give me a call for an appointment and if you need a soldering job, the first one, anything it is, is FREE

That's all for now

All the bestGaetano00447791615885


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