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Handmade Jewellery In London

Giving the gift of jewellery can be an incredible way to show someone how much you care and appreciate them. It can be a wonderful way to say a thousand words without having to speak, and it can give them something to treasure for a lifetime.

At Gaetano Chiavetta we have been making handmade jewellery since 1992 in Italy and moved to London in 2008

We want to enrich people’s lives with our handmade jewellery, and we believe that each piece has its own story to be heard. Whether you’re looking for a particular piece or simply wish to see our collection for yourself, we have a range of options currently on our website such as:

Memento Mori Enamelled Band

Sacred Heart Locket

Man In the Moon Ring

Old Skull Earrings

Enamelled Skull Pendant

As well as handmade jewellery, we can offer a valuation service on your jewellery as well as a restoring of antiques and reimagining and redesigning old pieces that you’d like to give a new life to.

Whatever you need from us, you can visit us in store to see our jewellery in person, or you can reach out to us via the contact form.

We can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.