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Dear friends

I just got back from Palermo, my beloved home town in Sicily, where I performed a demostration of the ancient technique of sand casting in the amazing spaces of the "Cantieri culturali della Zisa", which is a magic place, full of history and extremely evocative.

Heating metal

It was an honour for me to show people all the processing steps of the send casting, repeating all the gestures exactly as goldsmiths have been doing for thousands of years .

Leveling off mould

I also ran a workshop for some of my students and new ones, about filigree and enamelling techniques.During three intense days, the students and I have been working and collaborating together in order to create a unique wonderful necklace of which we are all very proud .


I had decided to focus the workshop specially on Filigree because this is totally hand-crafted and it requires hours of patient and accurate work. As for the send casting, this exquisite lacy metal technique is also very ancient and it can be traced back to 5000 years ago and It is no doubt one of the oldest and most beautiful art forms developed by humans; It was handed down through generations and remained unchanged till today.

Jewellery crafting

Unfortunately it is now endangered and that’s why it is so important to preserve it and pass it over to the new generations. So the goal of my workshop in Palermo was precisely to share my know-how in these techniques and to infuse my passion about it to the young artisans.

Both the workshop and the performance have been an extraordinary experience for me and now I am ready to go back to my work, stronger and enriched with the enthusiasm and interest shown and shared by the people I met during those days.
Without the help and the support of some amazing people I couldn't have done this event so I would like to say a big thank you to Laura Plaja, Iolanda Spataro, Gaetano Celano Lo Monaco.

Thank you to everybody.



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