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"Treasure of Sicily"

Dear all

I'm very proud and glad to be able to show you some of the pieces of the new collection I designed for the exhibition "Treasures of Sicily" that were showed at the prestigious jewellery Bentley&Skinner from the 26th of July to the 10th of August.

Bentley & Skinner - Treasures Of Sicily
Crown jewllery

The pieces I'm talking about are inspired by the Memento mori jewellery and no doubt by the fascinating gothic London atmosphere, with a drop of Gaetano Chiavetta's humour. The first piece I created was a skull ring, made of silver, gold, diamonds and enamel.

Skull Jewellery

Just to have a suggestion, I then showed the first piece to Mr Mark Evans, the owner and director of Bentley&Skinner who, since I started working in London, has been in a certain way my mentor

Mark Evans

he found the first piece quite beautiful and encouraged me to go on, experimenting on that path.

Skull Jewellery

So I went on, enjoying myself trying different solutions, looking for new elements to add to my skulls, creating the rings, earrings and cuff links that you can now find at the renowned jewellery at 55 of Piccadilly.

Meeting jewllery friends

I would like to thank my friends Fabrizio and Giuseppe Fecarotta who lend their fabulous antique coral jewellery collection and Caterina Bonfiglio with her contemporary handmade jewellery and of course all the people that worked hard to make this event possible, Mr. Marc Evans, Mr.Paul Greer, Mr. Ilias Kaspalis and Mr. Luigi Milano. Special thanks to Ms.Liliana Scuderi for the great support she gave me.Thank you all for reading this newsletter and see you on September with new updates from my workshop in London.
Gaetano Chiavetta


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