Jewels that tell a story

    to be handed down for generations. 


  • Collections

    Discover our captivating original creations which draw inspiration from the Renaissance art, the memento mori jewellery and the legendary tales of romance.




  • Our services

    Restoring antique jewels, bespoke projects and re-imagining jewellery

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    We specialise in restoring/reparing antique jewellery. Thanks to the right knowledge and expertise, together with the highest quality of tools and materials, we can bring your precious pieces, back in perfect shape.

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    Express yourself and celebrate your uniqueness and life's key moments, creating your special piece of jewellery with us. We offer you a presonalised service, taking the time to listen to your vision and ideas, leading you to the piece of jewellery that you will love for the rest of your life.

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    Reimagine and redesign your pieces of jewellery with us. We can transform your heirloom jewellery into something contemporary or simply more wereable for the present. Reimagine your jewellery and let them tell your personal story.