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Antique Jewellery Restoration

When you have a piece of jewellery that has been passed through the generations, you may want to make some changes so it’s unique to you. For antique jewellery restoration that you can trust in, choose Gaetano Chiavetta.

Gaetano Chiavetta is perhaps the most trusted goldsmith in the area and can give jewellery a new lease of life

Whether you’re no longer passionate about a certain piece of jewellery or have always wanted to give an old piece a new look, Gaetano has the skills and passion to restore almost any piece that comes his way. In the past he has taken old pieces and created new pieces from a single item, whether it be a pendant, necklace, earring or bracelet.

As well as restoring antique jewellery, Gaetano can produce original designs in gold, platinum and silver and offer a range of beautiful gemstones.

If you have a piece of jewellery that you’d like to discuss with Gaetano, get in touch today.

Fill out the contact form to arrange a visit to the workshop where you can see everything in action. To keep up with the latest news and pieces find and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.