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Jewellery Restorer London

Do you have a piece of jewellery that has been handed down to you? Would you like to make some alterations so that it suits your style? Or maybe it’s been damaged and is in need of specialist repair? If you’re in London and need the help of a jewellery restorer, Gaetano Chiavetta is here to help.

Gaetano offers a truly bespoke service that ensures your vision is shared. By taking the time to sit with you and understand what you want your jewellery to achieve, he can offer a unique service that will give you a piece of jewellery to love for a lifetime.

He specialises in restoring, redesigning and repairing antique/signed jewellery and can alter them however you like. Gaetano also specialises in producing original designs such as gold, platinum and silver and can offer a range of gemstones.

On the website you can see a collection of the handmade jewellery that Gaetano has recently produced, or you can get in touch with him to book an appointment to discuss your jewellery restoration requirements.

You can reach out via the website or you can find him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.